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Can you explain how your program works?
Most upscale department stores rotate their inventory every 60 days to maintain a "fresh" appearance and selection of clothing. After 60 days, the department stores liquidate items that have been on their sales floors/ warehouses to wholesalers like us. In most cases, it is simply a matter of having a few leftover sizes of certain items at the end of that time period. For example, the department store orders 100 Red Sweaters in sizes S-XL. At the end of 60 days, they have sold all but 1 Small, 1 Medium, and 2 Larges. This merchandise is designated as overstock / shelf pull apparel and can then be purchased by us.

We purchase by the truckload and receive thousands of items at a time of Men's, Women's and Children's Apparel. Although we may receive duplicates of some items, for the most part almost all items are unique! We inspect all items, sort them into appropriate categories, and then build smaller lots for our customers that consist of an assortment of items (shirts, jeans, slacks, skirts, sweaters, etc.) in a variety of brands.

What is the difference in buying closeouts versus buying in traditional ways, like working directly with the manufacturers/ vendors?
When you buy through traditional methods, you get to see the merchandise first and specify the brands, styles, colors and sizes you would like to receive. You also pay full wholesale cost on these items. When you buy closeouts, you are generally purchasing "blind" lots, or clothing that you have not seen or picked out before purchase. You receive an assortment of styles, colors and sizes in a variety of brands. In exchange for purchasing this way, you are rewarded with deep discounts…you have the opportunity to purchase the same fashionable, name brand goods that the department stores carry for 50-75% off the original wholesale cost that the department stores paid for them!

Many of our customers purchase both ways… Buying through traditional methods allows some control over the merchandise offered in their stores, and buying closeouts offers them the opportunity to increase the variety of their selections, reduce costs, increase profits, and carry upscale designer merchandise that they may not otherwise have been able to offer.

Do you have a catalog or pictures of your merchandise that I could see so that I can pick out what I'd like to order?
Due to the diversity in inventory and volume of clothing that we work with, we cannot offer pictures of the exact merchandise that you would be receiving. We can tell you that your lot will be an assortment of items and brands and, unless otherwise specified, will contain very few duplicates.

What is the difference between buying First Quality and Returns or Salvage?
First Quality goods are those that were available for sale at the department stores and were pulled from the shelves for aging purposes (i.e., after a period of 60 days or so, were still unsold.) Salvage goods are those that were removed from the sales floor due to a known defect, major or minor. Returns are items that were returned to the store for usually one of two reasons: Customer Preference (didn't fit, customer changed mind, color didn't match, etc.) or Defect (customer found a problem with the merchandise after they took it home.) Salvage/ Returned apparel items can be purchased more inexpensively than First Quality due to the very high likelihood of damaged/distressed goods within these categories.


Can I specify which brands (like all Ralph Lauren) or what types of items (for example, all jeans) I would like to receive?
Our standard offerings include a variety of items and brands and we are not able to accept specific requests on them. From time to time, however, we are able to offer Specials that may be grouped by item type or brand. These are based on current inventory and will always be posted on our Current Specials section of our website. This section of our website is updated frequently so please check back often for new listings!

Does your company sell items by the pallet?
Many companies offer pricing "by the pallet," but cannot usually give you a specific item count that will be included. They often include accessories as well, and many even mix store returns and salvage goods in with their pallets.

We can ship by the pallet to save you money in freight costs, but we quote by the piece. You always know exactly how many items you will receive and can determine your true cost per unit. Our price quotes are always for First Quality goods and never include accessories. (We do carry accessories and they can be purchased separately.)

Where does your merchandise come from?
We purchase First Quality merchandise from some of the most well-known upscale department stores and catalog retailers in the world. Our contracts do not permit us to use the names of these sources on our website or in our print advertising, but more details can be provided upon request.

What types of items can I expect to see in a typical lot?
A typical lot will consist of all types of items that are appropriate for a given season. For example, summer lots may contain an assortment of tops, shorts, linen pants, skirts, sundresses, lightweight slacks, swimwear, etc. Winter lots may include sweaters, jeans, pants, blouses, skirts, blazers, etc. You will always be given multiple item types and will NEVER receive all of one item type unless you have purchased a Special that advertised that group of items. You will also receive a mixed variety of brands and a very limited number of duplicates within one lot. Most lots will include items that are unique from one another, and usually no more than a handful of like items (if any).

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept wire transfers, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and cash/credit card payments made through PayPal.

I would like to set up an account with your company. What kinds of terms do you offer?
All payments are due within 72 hours of order placement. To keep your costs low, we do not offer credit, financing, or delayed payments.

I have been doing a lot of research and found a number of companies offering similar types of merchandise with various price points. Why are the prices so different from one company to the next?
There are a number of factors that may explain pricing differences among companies. Here are a few:

  • First Quality vs. Salvage and Returns: This is probably the major price differentiator among companies. As salvage and returns are more inexpensive to purchase due to higher potential damages, many companies mix them in with First Quality goods to lower their prices. Our lots contain First Quality goods only.
  • Damages: Primarily due to mixing salvage and returned goods with First Quality items, the damaged percentage of items may be higher in lower-cost lots. Many wholesalers quote 10-25% damage (and we have heard of customers who received as high as 60% damaged!). We inspect all items upon receipt and prior to shipping and remove any flawed items that we may find. We always strive to provide you with a damage-free shipment, but quote 3-5% damage to allow for error.
  • Mixed Merchandise: Some wholesalers mix upscale department store merchandise with discount store merchandise. Our lots contain upscale department store apparel only.
  • Accessories: This is another important consideration… be sure to always ask what percentage of accessories will be included in your lot. Many companies include at least 10% accessories. Our lots are always strictly apparel only. Accessories are sold separately.

Will I receive damaged items in my shipment - Our Guarantee?
We receive First Quality goods only, which means that the amount of damaged items we receive is minimal. We do inspect items upon receipt and again prior to shipping and remove any flawed items that we may find. Our goal is to provide you with a damage-free shipment, but we quote 3-5% damage just to be on the safe side.

Our 3-5% Damage Guarantee applies to our First Quality merchandise only. We do
not offer Customer Returns through our website, but we may order them by
special request from our Customers. Please note that the 3-5% damage guarantee
does not apply to these orders, as Returns are sold as-is with the same All
Sales Final, no refunds, exchanges or returns policy.

What are the requirements to purchase from your company?
We simply ask that you make payment within the specified time period (within
72 hours of order placement) and that you be able to provide a physical address (no PO boxes please) for us to ship the goods to. If you are located in the state of North Carolina, we will require your Business Tax ID number.

We do not require a Tax ID number for orders placed from outside the state of North Carolina. No sales tax is charged on wholesale purchases from our company.

For Purchasers of Upscale Dept. Store Merchandise: We ship all merchandise with tags but are required by the department stores to ask you to cut the price tags prior to final sale to prevent store returns. Upscale department store merchandise is available for sale to customers from all sales venues (retail stores, flea markets, wholesalers, distributors, and online sellers).

For Purchasers of "World Famous" Catalog Merchandise: We are required by our "World Famous" catalog partner to require all customers of this line of products to sign an agreement stating the following:
1)They will agree to the advertising guidelines set forth by World Famous company.
2) They will agree not to resell the merchandise on eBay or other auction sites.
We ship all merchandise in World Famous polybags, but customers must agree to remove polybags prior to displaying to customers. World Famous merchandise is available to retail customers only and may not be sold to customers wishing to resell on eBay.

Will my shipment include returns?
No, it will not. All of our shipments include First Quality goods only.

Can I specify the seasonality of the merchandise?
Yes, you may. Based on available inventory, we offer Fall / Winter lots and Spring/ Summer lots.

Domestic Shipping:
We ship within 24 hours of receiving payment. All non-palletized shipments will be sent via UPS. Palletized shipments may be sent through either Roadway or customer's choice of common carrier. Shipping costs vary by location of the buyer. This is automatically calculated within our wholesale catalog application, or you can contact us for a custom quote.

International Shipping:
We ship to US addresses only. International customers must arrange their own shipping through a freight forwarder who can either provide a US address for us to ship to or arrange for pickup from our warehouse. We can provide weights and dimensions of your shipment in addition to a commercial invoice. Our invoice will list the quantity, type, and value of the goods included (Ex: 100 Pc Women's Apparel @ $6.95 ea). We are not able to provide a full manifest with these shipments.

Do the clothes still have the store tags attached?
Most clothes do still have store and / or manufacturers' tags attached. Price tags may reflect store markdowns taken.

Do you offer samples or I can I purchase a small lot to try you out?
The minimum order quantity for all assorted apparel lots is 100 pieces, which is an excellent sampler size to get an idea of the type / quality of goods in our lots. We also offer smaller lots from time to time in our Current Specials section of our website.

What percentage of your lots are accessories?
0%! Our lots are always strictly apparel and never include accessories. We do offer accessories for sale separately, however… just check the Current Specials section of our website for availability.

What are your company's competitive advantages?

  • Professionalism: Our company brings a new level of professionalism to this industry. Our sales associates are here to help you learn more about buying in this industry and will be happy to help answer any questions that you have about our company or our products. We will respond quickly to all phone calls and e-mails and you will always receive friendly, courteous service. We want to earn your repeat business and will work to ensure that you are satisfied with every order.
  • First Quality Only: All merchandise is First Quality merchandise only. We never mix in salvage or returns.
  • Upscale Department Store Merchandise Only: All of our apparel is from upscale department stores. We do not buy from discount department stores and mix inferior products in with your lots.
  • Inspection Process: We inspect all items upon receipt and again before shipment. We remove any flawed items that we find, regardless of how minor the flaw is. Our goal is to provide you with a damage-free shipment, but we do always quote 3-5% to allow for any error.
  • Merchandise Variety: Our associates carefully select items for each lot, taking our global inventory into consideration. You will always receive a mix of types of items and brands. Duplicates will always be limited in assorted lots.
  • No Accessories: Our clothing lots do not include any accessories! Price per item is for apparel only. We do carry accessories but offer them for sale separately. Please see our Current Specials section of our website for availability.

What is your return policy?
As is standard in the closeouts industry, our policy is that all sales are final and we cannot accept returns or offer refunds on any merchandise. We want you to be pleased with your purchase and will make every effort to provide you with as much information as possible before you buy. We encourage you to ask any questions so we can help you determine if our merchandise fits your needs.

How do I place an order?
Browse our wholesale apparel catalog and buy directly online, give us a call or send us an e-mail. We will need the following information to provide you with a detailed price quote and to process your order:

Your Name
Your Company
Physical Shipping Address - Please specify if it is going to a business or residence
Phone Number
E-Mail address
Quantity and Type (Men's, Women's, Children's) of Items you are interested in
Payment Method

We will respond promptly to all phone and e-mail requests. Orders will be shipped within 24 hours of receipt of payment. Payment is due within 3 business days.


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